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"Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."
~ Psalm 37:4

About Adrianne - Your Wedding Planner [the designer]
innovative creator that thinks "outside the box"

Meet Adrianne "The Interview"

How long have you been doing what you do? What's your background experience?

Adrianne: Well here's a quick overview of my resume.
I have well over 17 years experience in the Fashion Industry.

I honed my creative talents along with the best fashion industry's best. The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where I graduated with my Bachelors degree. Immediately after I began working in various well noted design houses such as Donna Karan, Carmen Marc Valvo, not to mention designing for Jones NY Dress for several years.

It became apparent that my rare eye for style was not exclusive to just clothing design. Family members and friends often pointed out that my creative gifts did not stray far from the family gene pool. I have a strong family support system. An amazing talented Dad in the catering business paired with my educated, strong willed, business savvy Mom. My brother with an inequitable ear for music is gifted to play various instruments without a lesson. I knew exactly where it all came from. . . I already knew it was in my blood!

Over the years I often found myself planning weddings for family & friends in addition to producing various local community events, church socials, fashion shows, bridal & baby showers, and a host of other intimate social gatherings. It was only a matter of time before I began to spread my wings in pursuit of owning my own Event Planning Company.

My ultimate goal was to do what some say couldn't be done as an Event Planner. However, as an Event Designer I am able to step away from the "cookie cutter norm" in order to create breathtaking events for all to not only to behold ...but to experience.

Attention to detail, matched fresh innovative concepts, infused with a love for the industry is the secret formula to my Event Design Coordination. Honestly, the only missing element is the engaged couple in love. They complete the equation for an extraordinary, rare event to be remembered therefore making it a . . . .“Blessed Event NY”.

We love the professional services that Blessed Events NY offers along with your portfolio. Everything looks and sounds great, but tell me, what makes you different from the other wedding planners out there?

Adrianne: Blessed Events NY is a Full-service, full-time Design & Wedding planning company based in New York. We are not what I like to call "weekend worriers". We do not have to punch a time clock in order to work another "9 to 5" job. We devote the necessary time and professionalism that your wedding will require. We are able to assist you in correctly answering your questions and addressing your concerns all within a timely fashion.

Often times a couple hires someone to "plan" their wedding and the aspect of Design is often times overlooked if not lost. This is when a wedding then becomes what we call "Cookie Cutter". We design & plan weddings that are customized to our couples. Just like fingerprints, no two couples are the same. We may have 2 couples planning their weddings at the same venue, using the same vendors, in the same month; however, they will differ in many ways at the end of the day. We always provide our clients with personal, one to one service, that suit their needs. We choose to work with a limited number of couples per year which therefore allows us to offer our best customize services. The weddings that we produce are genuinely unique in many, many ways. Yes, it may be obvious that I have a passion for what I do. However, I also love to share my God given gifts with others so that they may enjoy their milestone event all the more.

This all sounds like a dream come true but it I fear that it may be expensive. Are we going to be able to afford your services?

Adrianne: I once read that it takes an average bride over 400 hours to plan her wedding. That is TEN 40-Hour work weeks. Let's not do the math just yet. Honestly, who has that kind of extra time? It's not just about that. I've have many clients that tell me how much they've saved in time, money and energy by hiring us.

We have had our share of couples who decided that we were "too expensive" to work with. Often times they came back after their wedding letting us know how they had to triple or quadruple their budget all because they didn't know what they were doing; not to mention it wasn't even close to what they wanted or ever dreamed of.

This is very disappointing to hear and I wouldn't want that to happen to any Bride-to-Be.

Planning a wedding is an investment you cannot give a true dollar amount. Your wedding day is an irreplaceable day which will hold a lifetime of memories not only for the couple but also to all of their family, loved ones and friends.

I advise couples that contact Blessed Events NY to think about what they believe their dream wedding looks like and what that will really mean to them seriously. Then we proceed with the couple’s complimentary "get acquainted" consultation so we can really talk about their dreams and how we can turn them into reality together. Now, it doesn’t sound that expensive does it?

Do you take credit cards and can couples have a payment plan?
Yes we do accept all major credit cards utilizing PayPal systems. This is also what makes us different from other companies. We have the ability to set up automatic payments so that you never have to worry about sending checks. This comes in handy when you don't have to think about paying us before the wedding because it would have been taken care of prior to the wedding.

Will we remain in control of our wedding with Blessed Events NY planning it?

Adrianne: Yes, but of course! Please understand that we are an extension of you, the couple. Your main focus is to fully enjoy your special day. Our main goal is to bring to life all that has been planned on paper. We plan together as a team. That's what makes your wedding tailor made just for you. Blessed Events NY executes everything in order to make it happen to the best of our professional ability.

Do you have liability insurance?

Adrianne: Yes. We have liability insurance that allows us to work with confidence anywhere. We have never needed it, but we are protected which helps the couple feel more secure and safe allowing them to have peace of mind that we are fully protected.

Will you work with vendors I've already found or people I really want to work with?

Adrianne: Of course. We will work with your hand picked vendors and make sure that they're the right fit for the couple. It is not necessary; however, we do have amazing vendors at our fingertips that we can easily fulfill your needs.

This sounds exactly like what we've been looking for. What's the next step in the planning process?

Adrianne:  The next step is easy. Call us or e-mail us to set up your "Get Acquainted" complimentary session. In this session we will walk you through each of our services to see which suits the couple’s wedding day dreams and desires.

Last question Adrianne. What are 5 fun facts about you that many may not know?

Adrianne: Now you've put me in the hot seat. Ok. Here Goes

- I love to hear my children pray.

-Working with vibrant colors is like drinking 3 Espresso shots- a real jolt

-I have a weakness for European shoes & handbags.

- I collect x-tra fine ball point pens with blue ink.

- Prefer to watch the Waltons over everyday "Reality TV"

Adrianne: I'll give you one more as a bonus

My favorite part of a wedding is to witness the expression on the Groom’s face as he gazes upon his Bride walking down the aisle for the 1st time to meet him at the alter.

SO AMAZING !!! (Lol)